Waiting for the Ducati Monster 2021 … in the beginning, there was the Monster 900

These days this photo is making its way online. More about moto here https://yourmotobro.com/. As much as I believe it is necessary to take these previews, not really official, often published to make the news, with the springs, it is now certain that a novelty that will be introduced on the new model will be the front-frame monocoque chassis, which probably could also equip a future Streetfighter V2. The news leaks from the various “photopsia”, but still nothing certain .. probably everything will be clearer this fall. If it is true that this will be the official version, what is certain is that with the passing of the models we are increasingly moving away from the first Monsterin practically every respect, of course, the new models have to change something, otherwise, they would be new models, but those aesthetic and stylistic references that at first glance lead you to remember the past are disappearing. Often today the houses tend dangerously to approach that standardization of the lines that take away personality from the motorcycles. making them all very similar, making those details that once were the hallmark of a particular model escape the eye.

Ready-made grow tents

Grow tent is a new concept that has recently emerged and is gaining popularity among hydroponic growers. Grow tent is a turnkey cannabis growing solution that is a special tent. It is distinguished by its special compactness, convenient dimensions, and ease of installation. It is easy to carry it from place to place and place it on any site and especially an apartment. It has a ventilation system, especially for these purposes. There are even specials grow box lamps. It can also be equipped with an irrigation system. Generally grow tent is used in conjunction with aero and hydroponics systems https://420growradar.com/p/best-stealth-grow-boxes-achieve-maximum-privacy-with-your-indoor-planting/.

25 ways to breed aphids: tips for summer residents

With the beginning of transplanting seedlings, summer residents have such a problem as the fight against a small parasite – aphids. Aphids breed very quickly and cause great harm to the future crop. There are 25 ways to breed aphids, using the most safe and environmentally friendly methods. The mechanical method of controlling the parasite The advantage…

Mustard and vinegar – effective remedies against the Colorado potato beetle

The Colorado potato beetle often causes irreparable damage to the crop. To destroy insects, many chemical preparations have been developed, but many gardeners prefer alternative methods of pest control. Mustard and vinegar are simple and effective remedies that are safe for the environment and humans. Garden pest Colorado potato beetle is an insect from the leaf beetle…