Basic Guide When Using DEET Repellent

What is a DEET repellent and how can I use them without any risks of health problems? When using this type of repellent, you have to make sure that you use it with caution because of its possible damaging effects on the brain cell. According to various studies, a repellent containing DEET can cause brain cell death as well as behavioral changes among rats after prolonged and frequent use. Such exposure can in fact cause neurons to die in regions of the brain that basically controls your muscle movement, concentration, memory and learning. Those rats treated with average human dose of DEET have been observed to perform far worse when challenged with physical tasks that require strength, coordination and muscle control. In fact, the results of various studies have been consistent with reported human symptoms following the use of DEET by the military in the Persian Gulf War.

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According to various researches, heavy exposure to products containing DEET and other insecticides may cause humans to experience headache, memory loss, fatigue, weakness, joint and muscle pain, shortness of breath and tremors. Just be careful because the symptoms may not be evident until months or even years after the exposure. Just remember that the damage can occur when the DEET product is used concurrently with other insecticides such as permethrin. As of the moment, researches have little information about singular and occasional use of these products. When using deet repellent, you must consider the following precautions. First on the list is the use of deet product sparingly and infrequently. If you intend to use the product on your skin, try to avoid wearing it for prolong period of time. When using these DEET products among children, try to be wary. Remember that these children as susceptible to subtle brain changes that may be caused by these harmful chemicals found in their environment. Since their skin are sensitive, those chemicals might be readily absorbed. When using deet product among children, don’t ever attempt to use them on infants. You must also be aware that those deet products can be present in commonly used preparations like insecticide-based lice killing shampoos. Another thing you have to consider is combining insecticides with each other. Remember that any other medication can interact with deet which may cause toxic side effects. Remember not to spray your yard for insects. Take note that there might be a possibility that the small amount of insecticide you have sprayed might interact with the medication. After spraying your yard, make sure that you wash your skin thoroughly. Also, take note that lawn treatment chemicals are quite strong and were not formulated to be used on human skin.

When applying a deet repellent, make sure that you follow the instructions indicated on the label. You must follow the instructions in order to ensure safety among users. If you have children at home, try to keep these products away from them. Remember that over application of these repellents can cause permanent damage to both adults and young children.

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