Easy Vegetable Gardening

Everyone starts as a beginning gardener at one point in their life. Some people start as children and are taught how to garden from their parents or grandparents, while others start much later in life. At whatever age you being gardening it is always best to start with vegetables that are easy to grow. This will allow you to feel immediate success, and begin to truly love the enjoyment of gardening. If you start out trying to grow some of the more difficult vegetables, you may become discouraged, and not replant your garden next year. I don’t want you to fall into this trap so I will outline some ways to get started and take the path to easy vegetable gardening.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to use a raised bed garden. This will help those who may have poor soil or poor drainage. By using a raised bed garden, you can put the proper mixture of dirt, compost, and manure to ensure success in your first year. Additionally you should mulch your garden to keep weeds to a minimum as well as retain moisture and heat.

An easy vegetable you can begin growing your first year is green beans. These plants will sprout under most conditions, and have a high percentage of seeds that germinate. Additionally these plants are easy to maintain, and generally don’t die off due to disease. Another easy vegetable that you should start off with is lettuce. While it is a little tricky to space the seeds easily, you can buy the seeds pre-spaced on a tape made of paper. The paper will dissolve, and you will have a perfect planting. Lettuce needs plenty of water, but is not susceptible to many diseases, thus you should have no trouble harvesting lettuce in the first year you start a garden.

Radishes are another vegetable that is easy to grow, and one that a beginning gardener should definitely include in a first year garden. The seeds need to spaced out evenly and the plants need plenty of water. You should have no trouble harvesting radishes, as they grow rather quickly and enjoy cool weather. Onions are another easy vegetable to grow in your garden. Again the seeds are small so you must make sure that you space the seeds according to the seed manufacturer’s guidance. Finally I will recommend you try growing zucchini in your garden the first year. These plants grow quite vigorously and if watered properly they will produce an abundance of quite healthy squash. In some areas of the country squash are susceptible to damage from insects. So if you know that you are in such an area, it is best to avoid zucchini until you get a little bit of experience, and can deal with insect control.

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