Getting Rid of Pests in Your Vegetable Garden

Pesky insects and bugs are a problem for most vegetable gardeners. The majority of bugs are more of a nuisance than willfully destructive. But if you find a garden pest devouring your harvest, you’re not going to be too happy.

The tomato hornworm is one of the most unsightly pests you’ll find in the garden. This fat worm is green and white in color and has a horn like a stinger. You can pull it off the plant while wearing gloves, and kill it by dunking it in soapy water. Alternatively, you could spray the tomato hornworm with stomach poison insecticide, neem oil, or Bacillus thuringiensis.

Thrips overrun numerous plants and create uneven white markings on the plant’s leaves. You can wash the bugs off by using a hose, and then apply contact poison to the plant.

Snails and slugs will devour the leaves on your plants, and they always leave a slimy trail as evidence. You could purchase bait to get rid of them, but if you put a shallow dish containing beer in the garden, they will be attracted to it and drown.

If you notice fat white worms in the soil, you’re probably looking at grubs. When grubs attack your plants they start to droop and their growth will be stunted. You can usually eliminate them with some milky spore added to the earth. Grubs eventually grow into beetles, which you can rid of with stomach poison insecticide.

Cutworms tend to attack a plant’s stem at the base. Putting a paper collar around the plants is really the only way to keep them away.

Corn earworms will infiltrate a cob of corn while it’s still on the stalk and consume the kernels. Likewise, a tomato fruitworm consumes the insides of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Try using an insecticide that specifically targets earworms.

Borers are found in many vine plants with thick stems. You have to cut them out of the plant in order to get rid of them. If the borer is discovered near the base, you will have to remove the entire plant and destroy it. You can usually get rid of them with insecticide.

Beetles are bothersome pests that enjoy munching on leaves. They are able to do an astonishing amount of harm to a vegetable garden, therefore it’s essential to eliminate them. It’s possible to pluck the beetles off the plants, or spray with an insecticide to destroy them.

Aphids are frequently found in a vegetable garden. Typically, you’ll come across bunches of tiny, soft bugs in assorted colors. To eliminate aphids, use neem oil or insecticidal soap.

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