Ready-made grow tents

Grow tent is a new concept that has recently emerged and is gaining popularity among hydroponic growers. Grow tent is a turnkey cannabis growing solution that is a special tent. It is distinguished by its special compactness, convenient dimensions, and ease of installation. It is easy to carry it from place to place and place it on any site and especially an apartment. It has a ventilation system, especially for these purposes. There are even specials grow box lamps. It can also be equipped with an irrigation system. Generally grow tent is used in conjunction with aero and hydroponics systems

The optimal solution would be to order a turnkey grow tent, since standard models have special characteristics:

  • – most often the outside is executed in black, which will not always look advantageous in your house or apartment. At the same time, the black color, due to its low soiling, is excellent for installation in the country, in a barn or garage;
  • – standard square sizes at the base;
  • – complete tightness of waterproof awnings.

When installing a grow tent, it is customary to use mounting sleeves. Thanks to this, you can independently control, regulate and create an internal microclimate. To do this, you can buy grow boxes with equipment, or you can independently equip the grow tent with additional lighting, for example.

Lamps and LED lighting for grow boxes

Lighting for a grow tent can be organized using various types of lamps: sodium, fluorescent, energy saving. But still, the leaders are still LED lamps. They are a dedicated LED light source. Its peculiarity is that it mimics the natural sunlight that plants love so much.

When buying such lamps, it is very important to make the correct calculation of LED lighting for a grow box. Otherwise, you only run the risk of harming the plants: “fry” them with scorching light or provide them with insufficient lighting, which will cause them to wilt.

HPS lamps for grow boxes are considered an alternative to LEDs. They also have their advantages, but they are difficult to install and require special attention to power up and use. At the same time, LED grow lights are considered to be a more profitable and practical option. They have sufficient power, they can be used both for the growing season and for the flowering period.

Additionally, phytolamps for grow boxes have other advantages:

  • – long period of work – up to 50,000 hours;
  • – the ability to independently distribute the concentration of light due to the point placement of lamps in separate places;
  • – the lamps do not overheat, due to which the temperature in the grow tent is kept at the same level and you do not have to additionally install condensation.

You can buy a cheap grow tent and add any LED lamp with spectral characteristics suitable for your purposes. Additionally, with such lamps, you can save on electricity.

Ready-made grow tents (grow boxes)

We recommend that you purchase a turnkey growbox. It will be more profitable to buy it, because of the individually developed parameters that are optimal for the goals that you are pursuing. Turnkey growbox is created according to your order with the specified parameters and dimensions.

It will be equally profitable to buy a ready-made grow box. Their production usually adheres to standard requirements, so each grow tent is guaranteed to have:

  • – Multiple reflection of light inside the growbox with a coefficient of 93%. This contributes to savings and allows you not to resort to such resource-intensive lighting as HPS lamps, for example.
  • – Good ventilation. It can be additionally upgraded, equipped with special anti-allergenic filters, etc.
  • – Possibility of supplying an electric cable for applying the method of hydro- and aeroponics, growing plants without soil.

In fact, a turnkey grow tent is a high-quality modern alternative to a greenhouse, greenhouse. They have more advantages over their old counterparts, since even during production they provide for installation in residential premises such as a house or apartment.

Many experienced growers often order a turnkey grow tent as the basis for a grow box. For this, additional lighting is installed in the tent, ventilation is carried out.

Turnkey grow tent is a modern, simple and practical way of growing plants at any time of the year, available to use even for beginners.

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