Waiting for the Ducati Monster 2021 … in the beginning, there was the Monster 900

These days this photo is making its way online. More about moto here https://yourmotobro.com/. As much as I believe it is necessary to take these previews, not really official, often published to make the news, with the springs, it is now certain that a novelty that will be introduced on the new model will be the front-frame monocoque chassis, which probably could also equip a future Streetfighter V2. The news leaks from the various “photopsia”, but still nothing certain .. probably everything will be clearer this fall. If it is true that this will be the official version, what is certain is that with the passing of the models we are increasingly moving away from the first Monsterin practically every respect, of course, the new models have to change something, otherwise, they would be new models, but those aesthetic and stylistic references that at first glance lead you to remember the past are disappearing. Often today the houses tend dangerously to approach that standardization of the lines that take away personality from the motorcycles. making them all very similar, making those details that once were the hallmark of a particular model escape the eye.

In 2021, the beauty of 29 years will have passed since the first Monster 900, presented in Cologne in 92, an eternity, motorcyclistically speaking, yet that bike has reached the eternal, timeless beauty that only the bikes that have marked an epoch they reach.

In fact, in 1992, Ducati created a unique motorcycle. Its official name was M900 but for all the designer Miguel Galluzzi’s masterpiece will be Monster which has little to do with the Anglo-Saxon word but rather a typical Bolognese exclamation to indicate amazement, very similar, hence the word “Monster”. This bike gave the definitive start to a kind of bike that at the time was struggling to take off that was the Naked. The Monster was a bike born of simplicity, which resembled nothing but which was built with an already existing engine and superstructures, which practically equipped the two most representative series models of Ducati of the time, managing to be both aesthetically and conceptually unedited.

The frame was practically that of the Ducati 851/888 modified only in the part of the seat post frame while the engine was of the 900SS, the same that also equipped the legendary Paso 906 (where 6 stands for the number of gears, not the displacement) which it was actually 904cc. The engine was carburetors, to tell the truth, a bit grumpy and kicked under 4000rpm which was a beauty, on the other hand, it had a portentous torque and a good reach. Nicknamed the “pompon” for this characteristic delivery. The very first engine was identified them as “large valves” characterized by a marked surge in power and therefore a little less usable than the subsequent “small valves” (which fitted 750 valves and cams) but extremely more fascinating, as well as having a few more horse powers.

In the very first version, the frame was a chrome-moly steel trellis painted in the beautiful gold color that distinguished the Ducatis of that time and which blended beautifully with the original Ducati Red. It was coupled to the double-sided swingarm in polished aluminum with progressive suspension with a strictly yellow “bow” to specifically recall the multi- winning 851/888 in superbike.

the brakes were the beautiful 320mm gold Brembo series with floating calipers with 4 pistons, the same ones that mounted the 888, once again confirming how much this Naked was built regardless of savings on components, as well as for the multi-adjustable 43mm Showa suspension and the mono progressive Sachs. The internal graphics of the odometer were also taken from the Bolognese Superbike…

Not to mention the driving position, loaded forward, almost uncomfortable and with the legs curled up that after a few kilometers needed to be stretched because they were sore, but on the other hand gave a truly sporty drive. A well-defined character, the Monster was this. A mix of unmistakable features and designs… what perhaps has been gradually lost over the years. Repeating that success will be historically impossible, and the real Monster will always be M900! And I like to remember that every time the new model comes out. Today it is an outdated object, intended for collectors and those who loved this era. The original models and in good shape especially the first Reds and Golds are revaluing a lot and prices are going up quickly.

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